OEM of make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

Product Name:Make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

1. Deep Cleaning
2. Oil control cleaning
3. Gentle cleaning
4. Hydra clean
5. Moisturizing lock water
6. Care for sebum film
Four functions to gently cleanse your skin:
1. Mild and non-irritating
Moisturizes skin after cleansing
2. Rich bubble
The foam is delicate and delicate, elastic and thick, and the skin is not tight after use.
3. Clean

Larch Extract

Active Ingredient: Taxifolin
Appearance:Brown yellow powder
Part Used: Whole plant
Test method: UV
Main Function:
1.Strong anti-oxidation ability
2.Enhance immunity
3.Prevention and treatment of cancer
4.Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
5.Balance blood lipids
6.Detoxification Liver
7.Improve gastrointestinal function
8.Skin whitening


Botanical Source:Podocarpus Totarol
CAS No.:  511-15-9
Molecular Formula:C20H30O
Formula Weight:286.46
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid or Powder
Melting Point: 128-132 °C(lit.)
Density: 0.988 g/cm3
Flash Point: 166.585 °C
Boiling Point: 369.4 °C at 760 mmHg
a. A efficient natural plant fungicide

Hexylene Glycol

Molecular formula:CH3CH(OH)CH2C(CH3)2OH
Molar mass:118.17
Product Description:Hexylene Glycol is a clear, practically colorless, liquid. In cosmetics and personal care products, it is used in the formulation of hair and bath products, eye and facial makeup, fragrances, personal cleanliness products, and shaving and skin care products.

Octyl salicylate

CAS NO,: 6969-49-9
Molecular Formula: C15H22O3
Molecular Weight: 250.34
Product description: The boiling point of this product is189-190 centidegree and it is colorless to light yellow liquid with light sweet fragrance. This product is mainly  used in high standaed spf products and it is used in all kinds of skin care peoducts and hair care products.

Luviquat Care (Polyquaternium-44)

Molecular Formula:C6H9NO.(C6H9N2.CH3O4S)
Appearance:Clear to slightly turbid yellowish viscous liquids
Product Description:Luviquat Care use as conditioners and styling products in hair and skin care preparations. POLYQUATERNIUM-44 has reported used in the following product types: shampoo; body wash/cleanser; baby shampoo; conditioner; detangler; bubble bath; liquid hand soap; moisturizer.

Lanolin oil

Product Description:Liquid Lanolin Oil is produced from lanolin that is subjected to low temperature fractional crystallization to isolate the liquid esters of regular anhydrous lanolin. Lanolin oil is much easier to work with than anhydrous lanolin due its lower viscosity. It can be used in formulations where lanolin is called for but it provides a lighter texture with less drag. The color and odor of lanolin oil make it ideal for use in lip care products where color is important. It can be used as a substitute for mineral oil in any type of skin care oil or formulation.

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