Larch Extract

Larch Extract

Active Ingredient: Taxifolin
Appearance:Brown yellow powder
Part Used: Whole plant
Test method: UV
Main Function:
1.Strong anti-oxidation ability
2.Enhance immunity
3.Prevention and treatment of cancer
4.Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
5.Balance blood lipids
6.Detoxification Liver
7.Improve gastrointestinal function
8.Skin whitening
1.Pharmaceuticals(Tablets, Capsules, Electuary and etc.)
2.Health Care Products (Tablets, Capsuels and etc.)
3.Cosmetics( Skin Care Cream, Ointment, Sprays and etc.)
Description About Larch Extract:
Larch extract is a larch water-ethanol extract.It is predominantly a polymer of arabinogalactan containing up to 20% taxifolin, which exhibits antibacterial properties.

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