Facial Mask Series

Product Name: Facial mask series
Product Description:

White Formula Bio-Cellulose Facial Masks
White Formula Bio-Cellulose Facial Masks have been created from one simple idea: "Medical cosmetology class skincare products at affordable prices".
White Formula Facial Mask mixes biomedical cosmetology formula and popular ingredients favored by the boutique labels with moisturizing and soothing herbal essences to achieve perfect whitening, tightening, toning, repair, moisturizing, and soothing effects.

OEM of Medical/beautifying mask/ micro plastic surgery repair mask to remove red blood and anti-sensitivity

Product Name: Medical Repair Mask OEM
5 pieces/box
Efficacy: allergy repair, repair after sunning, especially suitable for repair after hydrophotic needle, microneedle, laser surgery, photon skin tenderness, picosecond, freckle removal and other postoperative repair. Acne, acne, acne marks repair, can also be used for daily care. It has the effect of moisturizing and hydrating.
Main ingredients: Collagen solution,Glycerin,Plant corrosion


Latin   name: Olea europaea L.
Specifications: hydroxytyrosol 5%
Pharmacological effects:
1.broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
Oleuropein have full effect on against infectious and malignant microbes. It can prevent colds and other viral diseases, fungi, molds and yeasts invasion, mild and severe bacterial infections and parasitic infections native class attack. Study also proved that the extract only attack human pathogens and commensal, Harmless to intestinal bacteria.
2.Strengthen the immune system

Du Jing Ye fruit powder

Ingredient content: Etoline Powder + Padouselison
Characteristics: Ye Du Fruit is an excellent "melanin special effects capture processing elements" (Anti-Melanis Element) of primary melanoma secreted tyrosine (L-Tyrosinanse) has an integrated role in the formation of dark spots throughout much damage Pakistan (DOPA) reaction program, with detoxifying Capture, wrinkle skin rejuvenation, pigment balanced as one of the ultimate beauty products saint. (With nano-energy liquid with better results)

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