OEM of Medical/beautifying mask/ micro plastic surgery repair mask to remove red blood and anti-sensitivity

OEM of Medical/beautifying mask/ micro plastic surgery repair mask to remove red blood and anti-sensitivity

Product Name: Medical Repair Mask OEM
5 pieces/box
Efficacy: allergy repair, repair after sunning, especially suitable for repair after hydrophotic needle, microneedle, laser surgery, photon skin tenderness, picosecond, freckle removal and other postoperative repair. Acne, acne, acne marks repair, can also be used for daily care. It has the effect of moisturizing and hydrating.
Main ingredients: Collagen solution,Glycerin,Plant corrosion
Suitable for skin: all skin types, especially sensitive skin
1. Laser and hydro-needle postoperative repair
Reduce the adverse reactions such as laser, photon surgery and microdermabrasion after skin rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery, such as flushing and itching; accelerate postoperative wound healing; prevent pigmentation
2. Sensitive skin repair
Helps damaged skin to replenish moisture, accelerates the repair of the skin barrier, reduces its sensitivity, and thus resists various external irritations and enhances skin tolerance.
3. Daily skin care hydration
Mainly with hyaluronic acid, collagen and other functional ingredients, to achieve the dual effect of water retention and water lock, so that the skin is close to water and oil balance
Allergy, dermatitis, redness

Membrane cloth as thin flaps
Tight Fit Strictly Stitched

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