Rhizoma Polygonati Extract

Other name:Solomon’s Seal Extract , Huang Jing Extract , Polygonatum Multiflorum Extract 
Latin name: Polygonatum kingianum Coll.et Hemsl.
Part Used:Root 
Product Specification:20% Polysaccharides, 5:1,10:1
Appearance: Yellow Brown fine powder
Test Method:TLC
Application:Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement,sports nutrition
Description About Rhizoma Polygonati Extract:

Oyster Mushroom Extract

Latin Name: Hypsizygus marmoreus.
Extract Source:herb
Specification:4:1,10:1, 20:1
Test Method:HPLC
1. It has the function of dispel cold, relax and activate the tendons. 
2. Albumen polysaccharides of oyster mushroom has strength restrain function of anti-cancer, buildup immunity function of human body. 

Mangosteen Skin Extract

Latin Name: Garcinia mangostana L.
Appearance: Brown-Yellow to Light Yellow
Part used: fruit
Specification:10% 20% 30% 90%
Test Method: HPLC
Application: Beverage, Cosmetic, Capsules
1. Anti-allergies and inflammations.- mangostin was identified to inhibit COX, as their inhibition acutely reduces inflammations, pains and fevers.

Agaricus Bisporus Extract

Latin Name:Agaricus bisporus(Lange) Sing 
Part Used: Whole Fruit Body
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharide
Specification: 10% 25% Polysaccharides UV
Solubility: Well soluble in water
Main Function:
1) Immune system enhancing properties;
2) Reduce the risks of cancer;
3) Treat hepatopathy.

Hericium Erinaceus Extract

Common Name: Lion’s Mane, Monkey’s Head, Bearded Tooth Fungus, Hedgehog
Botanical Name: Hericium Erinaceus Mushroom
Plant Part: Whole
Appearance: Brown powder 
Assay: 10:1
Test Method: TLC
Active Ingredients: Polysaccharides / Hericipin
Product Specification:
Polysaccharides 20% 25% 30% (UV-VIS)
Monkey Head Mushroom Straight Powder 80-120mesh
Physiological Functions:


Other:L(+)-Arabinosc; L(+)-pectinose; L(+)Pectinsugar; L(+)-Gum sugar
CAS No.: 5328-37-0
Molecular formula:C5H10O5
Mocular Weight:150.13
Appearance:white crystalline powder
Melting point: 160-163 °C(lit.)
Solubility: H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
1.Food Additives
2.Basic Sugars (Mono & Oligosaccharides)
3.Biochemicals and Reagents

Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract

Product description:Ascophyllum nodosum is a large, common brown alga, Phaeophyta in the family Fucaceae, being the only species in the genus Ascophyllum. It is seaweed of the northern Atlantic Ocean, also known as Norwegian kelp, knotted Kelp, knotted wrack or egg wrack. It is common on the north-western coast of Europe (from Svalbard to Portugal) including east Greenland and the north-eastern coast of North America. 

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