Adzuki Beans Extract(Vigna Angulari)

Appearance:  fine powder
Product description:
Adzuki beans have been shown to have antioxidant, hypoglycemic, antitumorigenesis, and hepatoprotective actions, as well as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Adzuki bean extracts have been shown to inhibit metastasis of lung cancer and melanoma in the laboratory, as well as inhibiting the growth and proliferation of carcinogen-induced stomach cancer.

Comfrey Extract

Extract Source:root
Specification:30% 50% 98%Shikonin
Test Method:HPLC
1.It can be used as Antibacterial,antiviral activity,cardiovascular system;
2.It helps to reduce fertility effect and pyretic effect;
3.It helps to reduce tumor effects;
4.It helps to stop bleeding,promote coagulation;
5.It effects on the gastrointestinal smooth muscle;
6.It has hypoglycemic effect.

White Peony root Extract

Latin Name: Paeonia Lactiflora Pall.
Plant Sources:Root of Paeonia Lactiflora Pall.
Active Ingredient:Paeoniflorin
Main Function:
1 paeoniflorin has significant analgesic, sedative, anticonvulsant action
2 paeoniflorin can dilate coronary artery, increase coronary flow, against acute myocardial ischemia, reduce blood pressure
3 spasmolysis
4 antipyretic effect
5 hypoglycemic effect


CAS No.: 522-12-3
Molecular formula: C21H20O11
Mocular Weight:448.3769
Appearance:Yellow Fine Powder
Pecification:98%(By HPLC)
Soubility: Water soluble in methanol ethanol chloroform stupid, soluble in ether
Melting point: 207 -208°c
Part Used:root
1.Use in central nervous system
2.Use in cardiovascular system
3.Anti-oxidize effect
4.Antitumor effect

Mitiglinide calcium

CAS no.: 207844-01-7
Molecular Formula: C38H48CaN2O6  2H2O 
Molecular Weight:  706.93
Product description: The drug effect of short duration, can only reduce diabetic postprandial blood glucose and avoid the continuous glucose caused by low blood sugar, so in control of postprandial blood glucose rise is more accurate is the ideal of oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Natural Anti-Diabetes Formula-fast effect, no side effect

Dosage : 100-200mg each day, the effect is proportional to dose.
Hypoglycemic Pharmacological :
The Anti-diabetes raw materials is DPPIV inhibitor, DPPIV is a regulatory enzyme.participate in the signal transduction process in the development of immune response which lead to type Ⅱ diabetes, DPPIV is greatly concerned about as the diabetes drug targets. At the same time The Anti-diabetes raw materials is also an insulin-sensitizing,Not only the hypoglycemic effect is significant,but also could significantly improve glucose tolerance.


CAS No.: 64-77-7
Molecular Formula : C12H18N2O3S
Molecular Weight : 270.35
Appearance: white crystal powder
 Melting Point: 128-130°C       
Usage: Fall blood sugar medicine, suitable for stable light, moderate adult diabetics.
Product Description :

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