Vinca Rosea Extract

Specification:Vinpocetine 99%
Latin Name: Vinca Minor L.
Active Ingredient : Alkaloids 0.5%, Alkaloids 1% & Alkaloids 2.5% 
Appearance: White or Slightly Yellow,Crystalline Powder
Chemical Constituents and Components : Main chemical componenets are ajmaline, catharanthaine, leurosidine, vincristine, vinblastine, vinorelbine, vindesine, vincamine & vinorelbine.
Part of the Plant Used: Flower (Dried, 100% Natural)

Ocimum Sanctum Extract

Specification: 0.2% Alkaloids HPLC
Appearance:Brown fine power
Plant Origin: Ocimum basilicum L
Ocimum sanctum Extract is derived form the plant of Ocimum sanctum belonging to family Labiatae. Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of goddess Vrindavani, who is dear to Lord Vishnu. 
It has been widely grown throughout the world and commonly cultivated in gardens. Traditionally Ocimum sanctum is used in malarial fevers, gastric disorders and in hepatic infections. 

Macleaya Cordata Extract

Latin Name:Macleaya cordata (Willd.) R. Br.
Part of the Plant Used:    Fruit/Seed
Active Ingredients:       Alkaloids, Sanguinarine, chelerythrine 
Product Specification:   
Total Alkaloids 2%, 20%,50%, 60%,80%
Sanguinarine 15%,40%,60%,98%
 Chelerythrine 5%,15%,20%,50%
Physiological Functions:
1. Strong bactericidal and antibacterial activity.
2. Anti-inflammatory 
3.Fungicidal and insecticidal
4.Antioxidant properties

Sophora Alkaloids Tannate

Extract Source:Sophorae flavescens Ait
Test Method:HPLC
Use:It has a higher number of white blood cells, enhance immunity and antibacterial effect; Tannins can make the intestinal mucosal surface proteins to precipitate, form a layer of protective film, reduce the stimulation, reduce the inflammation infiltration and reduce intestinal peristalsis, convergence anti-diarrhea effect.

Tongkat Ali Extract

Botanical Name: Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
Specification: 30:1 50:1 100:1 200:1 
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder 
Part of the Plant Used: Root 
Active Ingredient: alkaloids 
Test Method: UV 
Usage: Men sexual health food ingredients
Application: Pharmaceutical,Health Food,Cosmetic 
Main function: 
1. Increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction


Product Description:Alkaloids are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds which mostly contain basic nitrogen atoms. This group also includes some related compounds with neutral and even weakly acidic properties. Also some synthetic compounds of similar structure are attributed to alkaloids. Beside carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, molecules of alkaloids may contain sulfur and rarely chlorine, bromine or phosphorus. Alkanolamines react with inorganic acids carboxylic acids to form salts, soaps, esters, or amides.

Withania Radix (Ashwagandha) Extract

Product Description:
Ashwagandha extract or Withania somnifera is a shrub that grows in the Himalayas predominately found in West India. It is pharmacology similar to ginseng (also known as Indian ginseng), but yields different psychological effects on the body. Its classification in the United States is a dietary supplement and is available for purchase in either pill or powder form at many health stores or online. If you are interested in purchasing this herb, you should first be familiar with its uses and benefits.

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