Synthetic Genistein

Botanical Name: Synthetic Genistein
Used Part: Germ
Test Method: HPLC
Specification: 98% Genistein
Active Ingredients: Genistein
1. Synthetic Genistein has the function of anti-oxidation.
2. Synthetic Genistein powder has the properties of estrogen and anti-estrogen.
3.Synthetic Genistein can suppress the activation of topoisomerase II, and suppress the activation of protein tyrosine kinase.


CAS : 52645-53-1
Molecular Formula : C21H20Cl2O3
Molecular Weight : 391.28
Product Description :
Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent. It belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids and functions as a neurotoxin, affecting neuron membranes by prolonging sodium channel activation. It is not known to rapidly harm most mammals or birds, but is highly toxic to cats and fish.

Synthetic Alpha Bisabolol

CAS : 515-69-5
Molecular Formula : C15H26O 
Molecular Weight : 222.371  
Product Description :
Alpha Bisabolol, a derivative of M. chamomilla (German chamomile), is an optically active unsaturated sesquiterpene alcohol, obtained by extraction from natural raw materials. Bisabolol is a natural occurring, versatile, active ingredient for the cosmetic industry. 

Synthetic Phytol

CAS: 150-86-7
Molecular Formula: C20H40O
Molecular weight:296.531
Shelf life:2 years
Use :A good antioxidant effect, also can be used as food emulsifier, antioxidants, nutritional additives.and it can be used as agent, used in daily chemical essence formula.

Synthetic cryolite

The Synthetic Cryolite is crystalline white powder. slightly soluble in water, density 2.95-3, melting point 1000 degree Centigrade, easily absorbing water and become damp, decomposed by strong acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloride, then producing hydrofluoric acid and relevant aluminum salt and sodium salt.
Uses: mainly used in flux of electrolytic aluminum, pesticide, flux of ceramic colors, anti-rubbing filling agent of resin and rubber, electrolytic liquid for production of iron alloy rimmed steel and furnish of emery wheel.

FSL-1(Synthetic diacylated lipoprotein)

Description:FSL-1 (Pam2CGDPKHPKSF) is a synthetic lipoprotein that representsthe N-terminal part of the 44-kDa lipoprotein LP44 of Mycoplasma salivarium1. The framework structure of FSL-1 is the same as that of MALP-2, a Mycoplasma fermentans derived lipopeptide (LP), but theydiffer in the amino acid sequence and length of the peptide portion2.Mycoplasmal LP, such as FSL-1 and MALP-2, contain a lipolyated Nterminaldiacylated cysteine residue, whereas bacterial LP contain atriacylated one.

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