Collagen II-New Food Ingredient

What is collagen type 2 used for?
Collagen is a protein that is part of cartilage, bone, and other tissues in animals and humans. People use collagen from chickens for medicine. Chicken collagen is used to treat joint pain associated with many types of arthritis and surgery, as well as back pain, neck pain, and pain following injury.
Where is collagen type 2 found?

Fig Extract(Fig Fruit Extract)

Latin Name: Ficus carica Linn.
Used Part: Fruit
Specification:5:1 10:1 20:1
Test Method:HPLC
Appearance: Yellow Brown fine powder
1. Used in health products
2. Used in pharmaceutical industry
3. Used in fuctional drinks
1.It scavenge harmful oxygen derived free radicals from the body.
2.Protect against cancers is also index1provided.

Peanut Shell Extract

Latin Name: Arachis hypogaea L.
Orginal :Peanut shell
Active ingredient:Luteolin
Specification: 80%,90%,95,98%
Test method:HPLC
Appearance:Yellow Fine Powder
(1)Applied in food field, it is often used as food additives;
(2)Applied in health product field, it is made into capsules with the function of vasodilatation;
(3)Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can play the role of inflammation;

Hydroxycitric Acid

Botanical Source: Garcinia cambogia
CAS NO.:6205-14-7
Molecular Formula:C6H8O8
Molecular Weight: 208.12
Appearance:Gray-white fine powder
Application: Used to reduce blood lipids
Main function:
(1) regulating fat metabolism, inhibiting lipogenesis and promoting fat burning.
(2) decreasing cholesterol and fatty acids.
(3) inhibiting appetite and losing weight.

Cocoa Extract

Latin Name: Theobroma cacao L. 
Appearance: Reddish Brown Powder 
Test method: HPLC UV 
Fat Content: 10-12% 
Specification:Cocoa polyphenol 20%, Theobromine 10%
1. Cocoa has diuretic, stimulant and relaxing effects, and it can lower the blood pressure because it can dilate blood vessels.
2. It can also relax bronchi muscles in the lungs.

Acai Berry Extract

Botanical name: Euterpe oleracea
Specification:  4:1,10:1
Appearance: Violet Fine Powder
Part Used: Berry
Loss on drying: 0.51% 
Ash: 0.66%
Mesh Side: 100mesh
Function of Acai Berry Extract 
1. Greater Energy and Stamina
2. Improved Digestion
3. Better Quality Sleep
4. High Protein Value
5 .Weight Loss
6. Stronger Immune System
7. Detoxification Benefits

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