Dragon’s Blood Extract(Dragoeiro Tree Extract)

Latin Name: Dracaena cochinchinensis(Lour)S.C.Chen
Appearance:Red Brown Powder
Part of the Plant Used: Gel Resin
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol
Specification: 50% Total flavones
Active Ingredient: Total flavones (loureirin A, loureirin B, resveratrol, pterostilbene, 3-methoxy resveratrol, etc.)
Main Functions:
1. has the function of activate blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis 


CAS: 29700-22-9
Molecular Formula: C14H12O4
Molecular Weight: 244.2427
Product description:Also known as 4 - [(E) - 2 - (3, 5 - dihydroxy phenyl) vinyl] benzene - 1, 3 - diol, it is a kind of organic raw materials.Its molecular formula for C14H12O4, molecular weight of 244.2427.Antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti hyperlipidemia, the antibacterial activity.


CAS: 32507-66-7
Molecular Formula: C15H14O4
Molecular Weight: 258.2693
Product description:A kind of agricultural chemicals.Also known as (E) - 3 - methoxy - 3, 4, 5-3 hydroxy styrene; (E) - 5 - [2 - (4 - hydroxy - 3 - methoxy phenyl) vinyl] - 1, 3 - benzodiazepines Use: antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti hyperlipidemia, the antibacterial activity.

Giant Knotweed Extract

Latin name:  Polygonum Cuspidatum
Part Used:  Root & Stem
Specification:  50% 98% 99% Resveratrol
Appearance: Brown Yellow to White Powder
1 Antibacterial, antithrombotic, antiinflammatory and antianaphylaxis.
2 Preventing cancer, especially breast cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer and   ovary cancer due to its estrogen role.
3 Antioxidation,delaying aging, preventing osteoporosis, acne ( whelk) and dementia in the elderly.


CAS NO.:60-70-8
Molecular Formula: C27H39NO2
Molecular Weight: 409.60406
Melting Point: 122-1240C
Density: 1.14 g/cm3 
Flash Point: 86.2 °C 
Boiling Point: 565 °C at 760 mmHg 
Melting point: 122-1240°C
Appearance: White Solid
Description About Veratramine CAS 60-70-8:


Molecular Formula: C23H36N6O5S
Molecular Weight: 508.63
Product description:Argatroban is a kind of thrombin inhibitor, reversible and thrombin activity sites. Aga music class the antithrombotic effect of don't need a cofactor antithrombin Ⅲ.

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