Seabuckthorn flavone

Seabuckthorn flavone

 Elaeagnaceae perennial shrub or tree plant seabuckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.'s Fruit, plant up to 5-10M, with stout thorns. China is the distribution of genus largest and most diversified country.
 Yellow or brownish yellow fine powder. No smell, taste bitter. Soluble organic solvents, insoluble in water.
Active ingredients:
 Containing the major component of isorhamnetin ,isorhamnetin-3-BD-glucopyranoside,isorhamnetin-3-B-rutinoside ,oak corner elements and oligosides.
Pharmacological action:
 1, cough expectorant, promoting digestion of stagnation, blood stasis. For cough phlegm, indigestion, abdominal pain, food product or flutter bruising, bleeding, amenorrhea.
 2, seabuckthorn flavonoids effect on myocardial ischemia, hyperlipidemia, coronary sclerosis.
 3, modern studies have shown that sea buckthorn can enhance immune function.
 4, Improve the cardiovascular system, anti-tumor.
 5, Scavenging free radicals, protecting the digestive system, promote blood hematopoietic cells, anti-radiation, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy effects.

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