What is Capsicum?

Capsicum /ˈkæpsɨkəm/(also accepted as peppers) is a brand of beginning plants in the nightshade ancestors Solanaceae. In accession to use as spices and aliment vegetables, Capsicum breed accept aswell begin use in medicines.
The fruit of Capsicum plants accept a array of names depending on abode and type. The appealing (spicy) varieties are frequently alleged chili peppers, or artlessly "chillies". The bake-apple is alleged paprika in some added countries (although paprika can aswell accredit to the delicate aroma fabricated from assorted capsicum fruit).
The name "pepper" came into use because of their agnate flavour to the additive atramentous pepper, Piper nigrum, although there is no botanical accord with this plant, or with the Sichuan pepper.