The effects of Phellinus Igniarius Extract

Phellinus Igniarius actually belongs to a tonic because people taking it after drinking water can treat many kinds of diseases with significanteffect and suitable for long-term use; For example, as for some common treatment symptomsin view of the daily life: unobviousdefecating, dark yellow skin, cold hands and feet, blurred vision and so on, they all can get very good treatment
If generally often drinking Phellinus Igniarius bubble water.
Phellinus Igniarius not only has the above effects, but also has good pharmacological effects on various organs of the body, such as anti-aging, reducing cholesterol, protecting the liver, anti-cirrhosis, etc. In addition, long-term use of Phellinus Igniarius soaked watercan significantly improve the body immunity and reduce the side effects of anticancer agents on the body, so it can be used to assist the radiotherapy and chemotherapy of tumor patients.

It was found that the polysaccharide of Phellinus Igniarius extract could inhibit the growth, intercellular connection and invasion of mouse melanoma cells. And the ethyl acetate extract of Phellinus Igniarius cultured with ginseng could inhibit the proliferation of melanoma cells. The inhibitory effect of the extract of Phellinus Igniarius was quantitatively analyzed.Apoptotic cells were detected by flow cytometry, and apoptosis and differentiation related proteins were detected by western blotting. The results showed that the extracts of Phellinus Igniariushad a strong inhibitory effect on the proliferation of melanoma cells.
Intracellular polysaccharides of Phellinus Igniarius have inhibition effectson human cervical cancer cells. The results showed that the inhibition effect on cervical cancer cells was significant. Furthermore, within a certain drug concentration range, the inhibition rate gradually increases with the increase of drug concentration, which was significant compared with the blank control group, with the inhibition rate up to 70.64%.
Importantly, Phellinus Igniarius and its extract are harmless to the body and can be taken for a long time. But if taken for a long time, the cold of Phellinus Igniarius can be neutralized by drinking mulberry water and eating hot food.