Popular ingredients in North American market in July 2020

Which products are very popular in the North American market recently? The North American Ingredients Direct Sales Network has taken advantage of the big data platform to summarize the vocabulary of platform users’ high search frequency in recent months (excluding platform online products), from which we can glimpse the latest market demand, thereby seizing business opportunities and winning more space for product development. Among the hot products searched, 5-HTP, Bamboo and Beta Alanine ranked top three. If you have the following popular products, please contact medicinerawmaterials.com and let them play their value on the platform!


5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
There is still no supply, and we may have to wait until the end of July or early August. Price may be around $160-$170/kg for new stock. As one of the more popular ingredients to relieve anxiety, it is expected that the demand will remain strong for rest of the year

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Price will increase slightly due to tight supply.

Ascorbic Acid
Most Vitamin C factories are running production smoothly, and the price has flattened instead of increasing in the last two months. However, DC97 grade is still in a shortage, but we think the shortage will end soon with more availability of starting materials. In the coming weeks, we think Ascorbic Acid will become stable and price will soften.

Ascorbyl Palmitate
As the raw material Ascorbic Acid price was high over the last two months, the price of Ascorbyl Palmitate also increased fast and with tight supply. However, it is expected price will decrease slightly into the summer with the Ascorbic Acid price becoming soft.

Ashwagandha Extract
This product is in high demand both in India and the U.S. Price remains stable, however, inventory is tight.

Beta Glucan
The major factories are making price and supply stable with the reopening process being carried out very well. The future of Beta Glucan is looking good due to its health benefits.

With the reopening process, supply is back, and factories have started to quote and take orders. We suggest actions should be taken ASAP to prepare stock because the summer is approaching when shut down for maintenance takes place.

Calcium Ascorbate/Sodium Ascorbate
Most factories are occupied with the raw material Ascorbic Acid production. Output of sodium and calcium salt is still not enough to meet demand, and price is at a high level. Some new factories are trying to produce these, but put it is on hold due to projection approval from the government. We think price will be stable at high level through summer.

Carnitine series products
Supply is still very balanced with demand a little tight. The major producers have no intention of increasing the capacity due to pollution control. It is hard for new factories to step in because of this. We think this will last the rest of the year unless new factories come in.

Chondroitin Sulfate
Price will increase slightly because the price is at a cyclical low point.

Citric Acid USP
Price will increase slightly due to the increased cost, including pandemic control, freight, handling, etc.

Coenzyme Q10 USP
Price and supply remain stable and we think it will last until the end of this year.

Creatine Mono
Demand and supply are balanced now in international trade, so there is not too much change in price. Demand in China started to increase due to people’s increasing awareness to take supplements.

Echinacea Purpurea
Price increased 10-15% and demand is still tight.

The price of Glucosamine products is trending down partly due to the pandemic and a reduction in demand. On the other hand, to a certain extent, fermented glucosamine products impact the market of glucosamine products from crab/shrimp shell.

Green Coffee Bean
Due to the lock down in India, our main supplier Shri Ahimsa just returned to production and is arranging new stock in July. The price for GCE product remains stable.

The L-Glutamine market is currently a bit confusing. Quotation from China is higher than the U.S. market pricing, which means the production cost is higher, but the stock available in U.S. could still last some time.

 Price is declining. Production in China is going well, and there may be an oversupply issue in the coming months.

L-Lysine HCl/L-Threonine
Price will increase slightly due to tight supply.

Price and supply are currently stable.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
The starting material is being supplied stably, but the cost increased slightly, so the MSM price also increased slightly.

Monk Fruit
Demand and price are stable.

The starting material is being supplied stably, but cost increased slightly, so MSM’s price also increased.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine/N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
Price will decrease slightly because price has been high since February, but now, the production is going well, and availability is improving.

Natural Caffeine Anhydrous
Our main India supplier is still under lock down. This has affected the supply of our Natural Caffeine Anhydrous; now facing tight inventory.

Price increased slightly due to the starting material price increase. The usage of Niacinamide in cosmetics for whitening has been largely promoted. This will greatly increase the market size of its production in the future.

Riboflavin-5-Phosphate Sodium
Price and stock remain stable.

Spirulina Powder
Price and stock remain stable. Several factories have opened a new production line and enhanced quality to meet the increasing demand.

Supply keeps improving with the factories in Hubei reopening. The starting material cost decreased due to the oil price drops recently, so, price is stable but soft.

Vitamin A & D
BASF and DSM have both announced the starting material quality issue, and supply in June and July are interrupted. Demand decreased slightly, so as a result, price is a little firm but stable.

Vitamin B1 HCl/Vitamin B1 Mono
Price decreased slightly. It was high back in February and now it is on the way back to a reasonable level. Availability keeps improving with production up and running.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin)
There are two new production facilities coming out in Ningxia and Hubei. The availability will stay in good shape and price will be stable and at a reasonably low level.

Vitamin E (Synthetic)
Production in China is going well, but in Europe, the major factories output is affected. Like Vitamin A, price is firm, but is not expected to be crazy.