The efficacy of anthocyanins

Anthocyanin is a kind of water-soluble natural pigment widely existing in plants.
Anthocyanins are derivatives of glycosides. Procyanidins are bioflavonoid compounds with special molecular structure. Procyanidins can be converted into anthocyanins in plants.
Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that change color with the acid and base of the cell fluid. Anthocyanins are found only in blueberry fruits, purple potatoes, and grape skins.
Anthocyanins, to the human body is a very strong antioxidant, the aging of human body has the effect of prevention and mitigation, step by step the blueberry many oxidation and biological activity can be the equal of levorotatory vitamin C, natural oxidation resistance of blueberry extract anthocyanin can even 50 times higher than vitamin E, 20 times higher than that of vitamin C.

Anthocyanins can remove oxygen free radicals in the body, assist in lowering blood lipids, and play a role in preventing tumors to some extent. There are many functions such as helping prevent a variety of free-radical-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, premature aging and arthritis; Strengthening the immune system against carcinogens; Reducing the number and duration of colds; It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus preventing inflammation, including arthritis and swelling.
Anthocyanins makes skin smooth and elastic by inhibiting elastin and collagenase, preventing skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure both internally and externally. It can protect the skin from environmental pollution from deep layer. Accelerate metabolism speed, promote dead skin to fall off, prevent melanin precipitation; Repair cell membrane and cell wall function, promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity.
Anthocyanins also has the effect of radiation resistance. The color of anthocyanins will change due to different PH value. Most anthocyanins have good stability of light, heat and PH value.