The effects and functions of Blueberry Anthocyanin

Blueberry anthocyanins are natural anti-aging supplements. It is one of the most effective antioxidant discovered today which is 50 times higher than vitamin c. 
It is born from perennial leaves or evergreen trees.The fruit is blue and the flesh is delicate. The seeds are small and moderately sour and sweet.In addition, it has a pleasant aroma.

Blueberry Extract
What’s more, Blueberry extract has various and precious nutritions. Its nutritional value is much higher than apple, grape, and orange so it can be called "the king of fruits in the world".
There are ten outstanding effects and functions of Anthocyanin:
1. Helping prevent many free radical-related fuses. Including cancer, heart disease, premature aging.
2. Reducing heart disease and stroke by preventing the stress response.
3. Strengthening the immune system against cancer factors.
4. Reducing the number and duration of colds.
5. It has anti-inflammatory effect. This prevents inflammation, including arthritis and swelling
6.Relieve hay fever and other allergies
7.Enhancing the elasticity of arteries, veins
8.By inhibiting collagen proteinase, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, preventing skin damage caused by exposure both internally and externally.

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