The effects and actions of polysaccharide from Phellinus Igniarius Extract

According to the research results of Phellinus Igniarius in Japan and South Korea, the polysaccharides isolated fromPhellinus Igniarius can significantly stimulate the immune response of cells, activate cells and enhance human immunity.
Phellinus Igniarius proteoglycan is an immune regulatory substance with strong anti-tumor activity. In general, proteoglycans are different from the anticancer drugs used in chemotherapy for cancer. It has little effect on normal cells and can fight cancer by strengthening the host's immune system.
Therefore, when used in combination with anticancer drugs, proteoglycans often reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs and enhance the effects of anticancer drugs.
The characteristic of polysaccharide contained in Phellinus Igniarius lies not in its content, but in its composition ratio of proteoglycan.

The reason why Phellinus Igniarius has outstanding tumor inhibition rate is not fully understood. But after a long period of measurement and analysis, there are reasons to believe that the subtle ratio of the composition of various proteoglycans is the real reason for Phellinus Igniarius to become a cancer star. The body's immune system is complex and wonderful as it can automatically recognize, attack and destroy the virus, bacteria or harmful substances into the human body to protect human health eventually.
At present, most of the life science or medical science scholars in the world believe that the human immune system is extremely important to the occurrence, development and cure of cancer. Phellinus Igniarius has an extraordinary ability to activate the human immune system. Various animal and human experiments have proved that Phellinus Igniarius can increase the activation degree of NK cells by 2 times, T cells by 3 times, B cells by 129 times, and macrophages by 3 to 5 times. By activating the body's immune system, it uses the body's own immune cells to attack cancer cells, thereby avoiding the side effects of anticancer drugs or radiation therapy.
In recent years, studies have found that polysaccharides of Phellinus Igniarius can stimulate the cytokine il-1 and promote the secretion of insulin, thereby reducing or adjusting the blood glucose concentration, which proves that polysaccharides are helpful for the stability of blood glucose in patients with diabetes and can prevent deterioration.