The crowds suitable to take Phellinus Igniarius

Phellinus Igniariusa rare Chinese medicinal materials of high medicinal value belongs to a fungus. It’s named as it’s parasitic on the mulberry tree. Because of its unique nutrients, it has high medicinal value, such as anti-diarrhea, anti-cancer, beneficial to five internal organs and so on. Let’s look at the effects of Phellinus Igniarius and introduction of appropriate crowd and the opposite together as below.

Phellinus Igniarius Extract
Phellinus Igniarius is not toxicso that anyone can eat it. However, please pay attention to the dosage in long term use as you cannot take itexcessively which in may have some bad reaction to the digestive system; Phellinus Igniarius attributes tobe coldso that it won’t generate serious impact in a short period of time. But if the patient's stomach is cold or in a cold constitution meanwhile is in need a large number of dosage,they are suggested to take it combined with some herbs; If people who live with a cold stomach take mulberry yellow, they should reduce the amountor occasionally eat hot food to neutralize it.
1, Weak spleen and stomach: chronic diseases with diarrhea symptoms which refers to a daily stool is more than 5 times.
2, Patients with intestinal tumor: this patient has the symptoms of diarrheaso Phellinus Igniarius is very appropriate.
3, Patients undergoing chemotherapy: after chemotherapy, intestinal dysfunction will be easily caused, which will have certain side effects on the function of digestive tract.Patients will sometimes have diarrhea as well.
4, Patients with gynecological diseases: irregular menstruation, gynecological inflammation, gynecological tumor patients are all suitable to eat Phellinus Igniarius.
5, Abdominal mass patients: liver cyst, renal cyst, abdominal inflammatory mass, chronic appendicitis.
6, Abdominal cancer patients: liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bowel cancer, ovarian cancer.
Although Phellinus Igniarius is suitable for long-term use, and it will not produce toxic and side effects, but we still need to pay attention that Phellinus Igniarius attributes tobe a cold medicinal materials thus people with cold stomach, cold constitution is not suitable to eat too much Phellinus Igniarius; For long-term use, cut the dose in half or neutralize with occasional hot food.