What is Eastman Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB-551-0.2)? What is its application in powder coatings?

Eastman cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB-551-0.2) is a cellulose ester with high butyryl content and relatively low molecular weight. It is miscible with many cross-linked resin esters and has a lower viscosity at the same solids content. Using CAB-551-0.2 in coatings is capable of getting water-white coating, reducing surface tack and spots, reducing shrinkage, improves coating fluidity and after-heating releveling, and providing interlayer adhesion and UV resistance. Suitable for panel cross-linked coatings, it has good miscibility with many cross-linked resins. It is well-dissolved in many solvents and mixed solvents and can be used as an auxiliary agent for many kinds of coating ingredients. Eastman cellulose esters are based on up to 60% cellulose which is one of the most abundant natural renewable resources.

Eastman Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB-551-0.2)
Application List:
Automotive coatings;
Plastic coatings;
Nail polish.
List of cellulose acetate butyrate products:
1. CAB-551-0.01: Most CABs are compatible with modified resins for wood coatings, plastic coatings or metallic coatings. Low-viscosity CAB is used in high solids coatings and hot solid coatings. In addition, CAB is used as a UV curable coating modifier
2.CAB-553-0.4: High-base content provides high cross-linked and high alcohol solubility. It's suitable for urea-formaldehyde/melamine system. It can be used in printing inks, wood coatings, paper coatings and plastic coatings.
3.CAB-531-1: Compatible with many modified resins, used in combination with CAB-551-0.2, so it can be used in wood coatings, plastic coatings or metal coatings.
4.CAB-500-5: Used for hot-melt adhesive, polyurethane additives and leather coatings
5.CAB-381-0.1: CAB with medium butyryl content is suitable for automotive coatings, wood coatings, leather coatings and other coatings. They can be used together to make the viscosity of BP-grade CAB different.
8.CAB-381-2 BP
10.CAB-381-20 BP