Pig Bladder Powder

Pig Bladder Powder

Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Description About Pig Bladder Powder
Pig bladder can fill kidney qi and consolidate essence, and can be used for kidney deficiency. Pig bladder contributes to kidney qi, can strengthen kidney function, and can treat diseases such as frequent night sickness, kidney deficiency enuresis, and infantile enuresis. Pig bladder is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of proteins, which can strengthen the body's physique. It has the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang. Pig bladder contains carotene, vitamin A and other ingredients, which can resist aging, wrinkles, reduce seborrhea, make the skin elastic, lighten spots, and have the effect of beauty and beauty.
Pig bladder cells have been used for years to repair damaged and missing tissue of patients. In the past, doctors have employed the technique to fix hernias and treat skin ulcers. 

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