Pyrantel pamoate

Pyrantel pamoate

CAS: 15686-83-6
Molecular Formula: C23H16O6.C11H14N2S
Molecular Weight: 594.685
Product description:This product by inhibiting cholinesterase, parasites of neuromuscular blocking action, can paralysis insect body to make it stop, safe eduction body outside, does not cause biliary obstruction or intestinal obstruction. This little oral absorption, about 7% with a prototype or metabolites from the eduction in urine, half or more of the drug from feces excretion. For roundworm, pinworm or the curative effect of hookworm infection, according to the report than piperazine, Mr Bove hinge, benzyl phenol ning, also have certain effects on whipworm, for a broad spectrum of high efficient drive intestinal worms. Used to drive the worm (eggs Yin turn rate 80% ~ 95%), hookworm, pinworm eggs (Yin turn rate of more than 90%) or mixed infection. Because of few absorption after oral systemic toxicity is low. A variety of livestock gastrointestinal insect nematodes is also effective.

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