Molecular Formula:C21H30O2 
Molecular Weight:314.46
Product Description:
  Progesterone is the main bioactive Progesterone secreted by the ovaries. Progesterone protects a woman's endometrium, providing support for early fetal growth and development during pregnancy which also has a calming effect on the uterus.
  In addition, Progesterone is closely related to estrogen, both of which are important female hormones. The role of estrogen is mainly to promote the development and maturation of female secondary sexual characteristics, while Progesterone is to further promote the development and maturation of secondary sexual characteristics based on the role of estrogen, and there is a synergistic effect between the two.
  Progesterone's main physiological functions:
  1. Maintain the pregnancy of female animals, and cause a series of physiological changes in pregnant animals, such as inhibiting the estrus of female animals.
  2. Promote the thickening of uterine mucosal layer, the curvature of glands and the increase of secretion.
  3, inhibit the peristalsis of the uterus, and make the cervical contraction, secretion of viscous fluid. These physiological changes provide suitable environmental conditions for the movement, growth and development of early embryo, attachment and the continued growth of fetus after attachment.
  4. A small amount of Progesterone cooperates with estrogen to promote female estrus. Progesterone works with prolactin to promote the development of mammary glands.

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