Poly -L- glutamic acid

Poly -L- glutamic acid

Synonyms: POLY-L-GLUTAMIC ACID 2'000-15'000
Chinese Synonyms: poly -L- glutamic acid ; poly-glutamic acid
Molecular formula: L-Glu-(L- Glu) NL-Glu
molecular weight :
Fertilizer grade :5000-1 million units;
Food grade:10-70 million units of ;
cosmetic grade:70-110 million units;
CAS : 25513-46-6
Product description
Polyglutamic acid (poly-gamma-glutamic acid, the English poly-gamma-glutamic acid, referred to as PGA). Poly-glutamic acid its special molecular structure, it has a strong moisturizing ability, add gamma -PGA in the cosmetics or skin care products, can effectively increase the skin's ability to retain moisture and promote skin health, its super moisturizing capabilities better than hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid, HA) and collagen (Collagen) , moisturizing ingredients for a new generation of biotechnology. Polylactic acid molecular weight distribution in the range of 5000 to 20 0 000. Polyglutamic acid having excellent water solubility, 1000 times or more adsorption and biological degradation, as a pollution-free glutamic acid degradation products, is an excellent environmentally friendly polymer materials can be used as water-retaining agent, heavy metal ions as adsorbent, flocculants, release agent, as well as drug carriers, cosmetics, environmental protection, food, agriculture, sewage treatment, desert control and other industries have great commercial value and social value.
Brand: International GOLDPEP
Domestic: Zijinggang brand
Purity: 91%
PH : 4.0

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