Phosphorus pentoxide

Phosphorus pentoxide

CAS: 1314-56-3
Molecular Formula: P2O5
Molecular Weight: 141.94
Product description:White amorphous powder or hexagonal crystal. Easy to moisture absorption. 360 ℃ sublimation. Don't burn. Generate a lot of heat and produce phosphoric acid, soluble in water to the reaction of ethanol and water. Relative density 2.30. Melting point is 340 ℃. To acidic oxides corrosive, should not use hand direct touch or eat, nor smell directly.Used for gas and liquid desiccant; Organic synthesis of the dehydrating agent, antistatic agent of polyester resin, medicines and extract preparation of sugar. Is preparing high-purity phosphoric acid, phosphate, phosphide and phosphate matrix material.

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