CAS : 557-61-9
Molecular Formula : CH3(CH2)27OH
Molecular Weight : 410.77
Product Description :
Policosanol is a mixture of very long chain alcohols that is purified from sugar cane wax. Approximately 67% of policosanol is octacosanol. Although some research has been conducted using policosanol, little research is currently available that focuses on octacosanol alone. One preliminary clinical study in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients showed no measurable benefit from octacosanol. As octacosanol is the main component of policosanol, more research is needed to determine if octacosanol is the primary active component of policosanol.
Uses :
Enhance endurance, energy, physical strength;
Improve the response sensitivity;
Ability to improve stress;
Promote the role of sex hormones, reduce muscle pain;
Improve cardiac function;
Lower cholesterol, blood lipids, lower systolic blood pressure;
Increased metabolism.

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