Food-grade plasma protein powder

Food-grade plasma protein powder

Country of Origin:Cixi, Zhejiang
Product Type:KJ-2000
Product brand names:KJ-2000
Inner packing specifications:10Kg / bag
Outer packing specifications:Vacuum aluminum film bag, 10kg / bag
Supply ability:20 tons / month
Product Description:The food-grade plasma protein extracted from animal blood products rich in immunoglobulins, can protect the gastrointestinal tract, improve human immunity, while rich in amino acids and high quality protein supplement human nutritional needs. Plasma protein powder processing technology completely eliminates the smell of blood, reducing the viscous, which has a good palatability. Many experiments show that: the palatability of the plasma protein was significantly better than skim milk powder, fish meal, soy bean and other protein materials. This product is manufactured under strict sanitary conditions. Product stability, no additives, long shelf life, is safer, more stable, more fresh three main features. [Product Characteristics] Color: Light yellow  Odor: the meat flavor  solubility (37oC) 100%. [Index]: protein ≥ 75% fat ≤ 0.4% Moisture ≤ 7% ash ≤ 8%. Total number of colonies (cfu / g) <50000 coliform <100 / g gel strength (g/cm2) 250 pH value of packaging and storage conditions] vacuum aluminum film bag, 10Kg / bag, dry and dark.

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