Carbonyl Sulfide

Carbonyl Sulfide

Synonyms: Carbon Oxysulfide;Carbon Oxide Sulfide;
CAS No.: 463-58-1
Molecualr formula:  COS 
Molecular weight: 60.070
Prodcut  description: At normal temperature and pressure,this product has an unpleasant smell like rotten eggs colorless flammable toxic gas. It can be shipped as a liquefied gas, at 21.1 ℃ when the SP is 1204.5kpa. Mainly for carbon oxide, thio acid, thio-carbonate and thiazole synthesis, calibration gas preparation.The melting point is -138.81℃ the boiling point is -50.2℃ and the density is (101.325kPa,20℃)2.527kg/m3

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