Atificial Cow-bezoar

Atificial Cow-bezoar

Chemical properties
Bezoar is a cow in the pathological state , in their gallbladder or bile duct stones formed dry goods . Calculus is based on the chemical composition of natural bezoar according to a certain proportion of a natural bezoar formulated into therapeutic substitutes . The main component of natural bezoar is bilirubin, bile acids, bile acids , cholesterol , trace elements and amino acids , was a khaki-colored loose powder , taste joys , wet primer .
According to ancient herbal medicine medication record and experience , the value of bezoar mainly due to:
Febrile disease with high fever, convulsions convulsions embolism, interest-bearing wind , antispasmodic , heat and so on ;
Stroke, infantile convulsions , epilepsy, convulsions and coma Koujin embolism. With heat, wind information , resuscitation and other effects . If that is the bezoar compatibility Angongniuhuang berberine , gardenia , musk, borneol , etc., for thermal subsidence pericardium, pediatric stroke delirium and coma , convulsions, awakened closed embolism ;
For the stagnation caused by the toxic heat sore throat , boils erosion and ulcer drug embolism 

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