AmydaSincnsis Frozen dried noodles

AmydaSincnsis Frozen dried noodles

Source: loach, body slender, cylindrical front slightly. The rear side of the flat, round belly, head. Mouth small, inferior, horseshoe-shaped. Eyes small, now thorn. To be right. The scales extremely small, round, buried in the skin. Body back and both sides of the gray-black, all there are many small black spots, there are many black spots, dorsal fin and tail fin membrane spots on the head and fins arranged in rows, there is a distinct dark spots in the base of the caudal peduncle. Other fins are gray. Loach is widely distributed in the coast of Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and India. It is not only delicious food on the table, known as "water ginseng, is fine feast of high-quality materials, but also as an important traditional Chinese medicine materials used as medicine.
Powder fineness:80 mesh
Moisture:≤ 5%
Properties:This product is a reddish powder, delicious, loach powder unique fishy flavor. Ingredient 100% loach freeze-dried powder
Specification:25 kg / drum
Inner packaging:aluminum foil bag

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