Acai Extract

Acai Extract

Specification:    4:1,10:1    
Appearance:    Violet Fine Powder
Part Used: Fruit
1. Greater Energy and Stamina
2. Improved Digestion
3. Better Quality Sleep
4. High Protein Value
Product Description:
Acai extract has various nutritional aspects that can improve your health. This includes various vitamins and minerals, as well as certain chemicals that can lower cholesterol levels. Acai Extract has more than 30 times the amount of antioxidants that red wine has, which makes it extremely healthy. It's longer lasting and has more health properties. Additionally, it is a great source of fiber and energy; it also increases your immune system and makes it easier to think. Some medical specialists have attributed Acai Extract to a weight loss property, so it can help you lose weight as well.
Acai has the powerful ability to increase your metabolism to aid in weight loss. It is most often used for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but more and more people are discovering its ability to help you lose weight. This secret won't stay a secret for long! It also helps detoxify your body, which will make you more healthy. Overall, Acai Extract's weight loss ability is one of its most powerful qualities.

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