CAS No. : 73-22-3
Molecular Formula : C11H12N2O2
Molar mass : 204.23 g mol−1
Appearance: White or almost white, crystals or crystalline powder,Odorless, slightly bitter taste
Applications :
Use as a dietary supplement.For many organisms (including humans), tryptophan is an essential amino acid. This means that it cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be part of its diet.
Product Description :
Tryptophan (abbreviated as Trp or W)is one of the 20 standard amino acids, as well as an essential amino acid in the human diet. It is encoded in the standard genetic code as the codon UGG. Only the L-stereoisomer of tryptophan is used in structural or enzyme proteins, but the D-stereoisomer is occasionally found in naturally produced peptides (for example, the marine venom peptide contryphan).The distinguishing structural characteristic of tryptophan is that it contains an indole functional group.

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