OEM of facial mousse gentle cleaning foam delicate deep cleaning makeup remover

OEM of facial mousse gentle cleaning foam delicate deep cleaning makeup remover

Product Name: New Chang Cleansing For Silk

1. Dredge pores
Open the cell absorption channel to prepare for subsequent maintenance
2. Remove dirt
Remove dirt, makeup and grease, remove the absorption barrier of skin components
3. Suppress acne acne fade acne India
Aloe vera gel can reduce inflammation, inhibit inflammation, drain secretions, promote local metabolism, moisturize skin, prevent keratinization, and can astringent wound, promote cell regeneration, reduce or avoid scarring
4. Activate cells
Activate skin microcirculation and provide continuous energy for skin luster

New Chang Cleansing For Silk
Main Ingredients:
1. Natural Aloe Leaf Extract
Rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, super hydrating and moisturizing, fight oxidation, repair damaged cells, sterilize and inhibit bacteria, make skin clean, smooth and moist for a long time
2. MD601 Water
Extracted from the deep ice sea water in northern Greenland, the water is filtered and filtered repeatedly to give hydration and elasticity to the skin that has lost moisture and vitality, and restore the baby's tender skin

Main Ingredients

Restore the skin clean is the highest state of cleansing
The cleansing mousse loved by five groups of people:
1. Oily skin
Give oil serious, pore bulky, have blackhead person.
2. Mixed skin
The t-shaped part formed by the forehead and nose is heavily oiled.
3. Acne skin
Face frequently take blain or have blain mark, blain pit person.
4. Allergic skin
Facial light oil, but easy to some skin care products sensitive stimulation
5. Overtime skin
Overtime stay up late, pressure, resulting in more oil, acne.

The cleansing mousse loved by five groups of people
Method of use

Cleansing techniques has a vital effect on the degree of cleansing and the brightness of the skin. When clean face with massage, it can make full use of washing face time at least twice a day to activate skin micro-circulation
The ring provides endless energy for the radiance of the skin.

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