OEM of anti-blue light water replenishing spray water moisture refreshing protection spray

OEM of anti-blue light water replenishing spray water moisture refreshing protection spray

Product Name: Anti-blue light hydrating spray
Net content:
Main Functions: refreshing and protecting, locking moisture, balancing water and oil, resisting blue light, delicate skin
Applicable crowd: suitable for most people
Usage: shake well before use, spray the spray evenly on the desired area at a distance of 15-20cm
Shelf Life: three years
Plant Extraction Is Safer:
1. Witch hazel
Astringent pore, replenish moisture, calm skin, repair damaged skin, make skin more smooth and bright
2. Sand verbena
Skin moisturizing factor, balance water and oil, soothe sensitive muscles, brighten skin, give skin delicate luster
3. Citrus
With functions of cleaning, anti-wrinkle, soothing, firm smooth skin, improve skin rough phenomenon, make skin moist elasticity, beautiful luster
Portable Water Refill Resists "Blue Light":
1. Stay hydrated 24 hours a day
Repair blue light damage
Resistance to blu-ray
Isolation from external damage, anti - aging reduce screen lines
2. Moisturizing soothing
Restore skin water and oil balance, keep moist
3. The balance of repair
Reduce skin irritation, say goodbye to tight skin
4. Deep penetration
Make skin moist and bright
1. Atomization nozzle
More convenient for people to use, make the spray softer, more delicate, more even, fully moisten and penetrate the skin
2. Bottle design
More modern sense, more concise and lively, loved by female consumers
3. Rich plant nutrients
Penetrate deeply into the bottom of the skin, replenish the skin's moisture and lock the water. It can be used both indoors and outdoors
4. Close to the human body weakly acidic environment
Maintain the physiological balance of sensitive skin, gentle and not stimulating, suitable for a variety of skin types
No corrosion
No pigment
No mineral oil

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