Amino Acid Cleansing Foam OEM, Soothing Facial Skin, Silky And Moisturizing, Cleansing Foam OEM

Amino Acid Cleansing Foam OEM, Soothing Facial Skin, Silky And Moisturizing, Cleansing Foam OEM

Product Name: Amino Acid Cleansing Foam
Net content: 150ml
Shelf life: Three years
Ingredients: water; glycerin; [water, C8-C14 alkyl glucoside]; [water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate]; [water, disodium cocoyl adipic diacetate]; trimethyl pentanediol / adipic acid / glycerol crosslinked polymer; [water, PCA sodium]; jojoba oil PEG-150 ester; citric acid; [water, ALOE BARBADENSIS leaf extract]; EDTA disodium; [phenoxyethanol, octyl alcohol];
Efficacy: Mild cleansing ingredients derived from natural amino acids, supplemented with a weakly acidic skin-friendly formula, helps to soothe facial skin while cleansing face. It contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil Extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin; it has the elegant fragrance of natural lemons , which brings a fresh and vibrant feeling. The dense foam is instantly released and elastic, helping to cleanse the face and residual makeup, leaving the skin clean, silky and smooth.
Use: After moisturizing the face with water, press the pump head 1 or 2 times, squeeze out the rich foam, apply it evenly on the face and gently massage, then wash face with clear water.
Note: If you accidentally get it into the eyes, please rinse them off with water immediately;a few people might be allergic to this product so please stop using it immediately if you feel uncomfortable.  


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