Sodium pyroantimonate(Sodium thioantimonite)

Sodium pyroantimonate(Sodium thioantimonite)

CAS NO.: 12507-68-5 
Molecular Formula:  NaSb(OH)6 
Molecular Weight: 246.787
Appearance: Off-white powder
Assay: 65%
Sodium pyroantimonate is used as clarifying agent for glass tube of picture tube, also used as flame retardant for textiles, plastics, building materials, etc.
Sodium pyroantimonate which is widely used as the clarifier in the glass industry and as the synergist in anti-flaming industry respectively has a production history of about 30 years in China. 
The production processes of sodium pyroantimonate mainly include the method of oxidation by sodium nitrate, the oxidation method of hydrogen peroxide, the potash salt method, the chlorination method and the air-oxidation method etc. 
Sodium pyroantimonate can be directly prepared by the hydrogen peroxide oxidation method with the advantages of simple technological process, high grade quality of the product and little environmental pollution.

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