Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate

Cas No.:546-93-0
Molecular formula:MgCO3
Molecular weight:65.31 
Appearance: Sloppy white powder
Mainly used as a transparent or light-colored rubber fillers and reinforcing agents
As the additives for paint, graphite and fireproof coatings, inks, ceramics etc
As a thermal insulation material, rubber, and ingredients for glass and specialty
Also commonly used as a desiccant, filter media, anti-caking agents and insulation, heat and fire insulation materials
Product description: 
Magnesite and dolomite minerals are used to produce magnesium metal and basic refractory bricks. MgCO3 is also used in flooring, fireproofing, fire extinguishing compositions, cosmetics, dusting powder, and toothpaste. Other applications are as filler material, smoke suppressant in plastics, a reinforcing agent in neoprene rubber, a drying agent, a laxative to loosen the bowels, and color retention in foods. In addition, high purity magnesium carbonate is used as antacid and as an additive in table salt to keep it free flowing.

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