Bactec MIGIT 960 SIRE kit

Bactec MIGIT 960 SIRE kit

Test Principle:Bactec MIGIT 960 SIRE kit is a solidoid sandwich assay enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). A known concentration of standard, unknown concentration of sample by adding micro-ELISA-plate for testing. First incubated it, and biotin-marked antibodies at the same time. After washing, adding the avidin HRP-marked. After another incubation and washing to remove uncombined enzyme combo, and then adding substrate A, B, and enzyme combo acted simultaneously. Produce color. The depth of color and the concentration of samples was proportional relationship.
Kit Performance: 
1.Sensitivity: the minimum detection concentration is less than No.1 standard. Linear of dilution. The correlation coefficient R value of linear regression of the sample and expected concentration is 0.990. 
2.Specific: no reaction with other cytokines. 
3.Repeatability: the coefficient of variation of within-plate, inter-plate was less than 10%.

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