Product description:Orexin A, also known as Hypocretin-1, is a naturally occurring, highly excitatory, neuropeptide released by the hypothalamus. As a pharmaceutical drug, Orexin A is most commonly administered as a nasal spray. This drug counteracts intellectual deficiencies and altered brain metabolism, which is found in sleep deprived subjects.To date, taking Orexin A has shown no negative side effects. Positive side effects of this drug include an improvement in cognitive ability and functionality in a sleep deprived state. Taking Orexin A also increases arousal, alertness, attention, and muscle tone. Orexin A has no effect on subjects who are well rested. It is important to note that the study and testing of this drug is fairly new and it has not yet been administered to humans. The most important side effect Orexin A is thought to have is counteracting the effects of narcolepsy.

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