Product description:Lipoprotein lipase (lipoprteinlipase, LPL) is the fat cells, heart cells, skeletal muscle cells, mammary cells and macrophages and other parenchymal cells synthesize and secrete a glycoprotein, molecular weight 60ku, containing 3% -8% carbohydrate . Homodimer form of LPL activity to exist, by electrostatic forces and capillary endothelial cell surface polysaccharide combination with heparin can promote this form of LPL released into the blood, and increase its activity. ELISA Kit is provided in a typical sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit (ELISA). Pre-coated antibody to polyclonal antibody. Polyclonal antibody for detection with antibodies, the biotin (biotin) tags. Samples and biotin-labeled antibody has joined the wells, reaction, PBS or TBS washing. Subsequently joined the peroxidase labeled avidin reaction; after PBS or TBS, washed thoroughly with the substrate TLPL color. TLPL peroxidase-catalyzed conversion into the blue, and the role of acid into the final yellow. The depth and color samples in the test factor was positively correlated.

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