Chromoagar Orientation

Chromoagar Orientation

Product description:Isolation of a variety of microorganisms: the major target of this medium is the detection of urinary tract pathogens but CHROMagar Orientation has a broader application as a general nutrient agar for the isolation of various microorganisms. CHROMagar Orientation can also be used to differentiate various micro-organisms in other infected areas; e.g. scars. In addition, CHROMagar Orientation is useful when supplemented with various antibiotics in detecting increasingly important nosocomial and multidrug resistant microorganisms (See CHROMagar ESBL, CHROMagar KPC supplements).CHROMagar Orientation has several advantages over traditional media: 
- allows in most cases full differentiation of the pathogens  
- allows for reliable detection, enumeration and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens  
- easier recognition of mixed growth  
- provides higher detection rates

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