Aflatoxin Q1

Aflatoxin Q1

Product description: Aflatoxin Q1 would be expected to be less carcinogenic than B1, just as ascorbate is less toxic than dimedone. Using a similar comparison, it is also interesting that dehydroascorbate is diabetogenic, hinting that thiols may form reversible adducts with the more oxidized versions of these bis-keto- structures. This last reaction, of course, would be subject to equilibration with other, more abundant thiols in the poisoned cells, such as glutathione and metallothionine that provide some protection for the vitaletheine modulators. The toxicity of dehydroascorbate is yet another reason to avoid high doses of vitamin C, since saturation of mechanisms for rereducing vitamin C that has autoxidized could lead to this and other mechanistically-related health problems. Some toxicity is still expected for the aflatoxin, Q1, since it appears to have some capacity to trap a second sulfenic acid (at the indicated position, "?"), and this reaction should effectively disrupt the conjugation responsible for the spontaneous liberation of trapped vitaletheine.

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