Aflatoxin P1

Aflatoxin P1

Molecular formula:C16H10O6 
Product description:Microsomes prepared from livers of chickens given enzyme inducers had increased capability to convert aflatoxin P1 to its glucuronide conjugate. This capability was 190% +/- 19 and 184% +/- 13 of control values (mean +/- S.E., N = 4) 96 h after intraperitoneal administration of 80 mg/kg beta-naphthoflavone or 3-methylcholanthrene, respectively. Glucuronidation of aflatoxin P1 was also increased 15 days after 500 mg/kg i.p. of a polychlorinated biphenyl mixture (to 471% +/- 111). Fifteen days on a low protein diet (containing 54% of normal levels) did not alter aflatoxin glucuronidation. Increased glucuronidation after administration of inducers was due to increased specific activity of the microsomal enzymes.

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