Intestinal Epithelial Cell Line 6

Intestinal Epithelial Cell Line 6

Product description: Exogenous nucleotides are considered semiessential nutritional components that play an important role in intestinal development, maintenance, and recovery from tissue damage. Nucleosides (NS) are the best-absorbed chemical form of nucleotides in the intestinal epithelium. The aim of this work was to clarify, at the cellular level, the effects described in vivo. Under conditions of high intracellular availability of NS, we studied the effects of 2 NS mixtures on the NS uptake and intracellular distribution and on the proliferation, morphology, viability, and cell-cycle phase distribution of rat intestinal epithelial cell line 6. Purine and pyrimidine NS showed a similar uptake profile, but the intracellular incorporation of guanosine was greater than that of uridine, without differences in intracellular distribution.

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