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What is Sodium Dichromate?

 CAS: 7789-12-0

Molecular Formula: Cr2H4Na2O9


How to Use Noopept

 Noopept is a nootropic supplement that’s been accepting a lot of absorption lately. It has abutting ties to the accepted racetam ancestors of nootropics that are accepted for their allowances on cerebral adeptness as able-bodied their neuroprotective properties. What makes Noopept a admired nootropic in your toolbox is that its furnishings are acquainted about anon afterwards ingestion.


krill oil diabetes benefits

 Krill oil is very effective at reducing elevated lipid and glucose levels, which is significant for managing diabetes. This is also associated with krill oil weight loss benefits. The high astaxanthin antioxidant levels in some krill oil brands are thought to be beneficial for controlling inflammation, including inflammation of the cardiovascular system, the brain and joints – all problems that diabetics have to manage. Recent research shows that obesity is related to a higher Alzheimer risk.


Equol Chemical Structure

Equol is a compound that can exist in two mirror image forms known as the enantiomers, (S)-equol and (R)-equol. However, only (S)-equol is produced in humans and animals with the ability to produce equol after soy isoflaovone consumption. (S)-Equol is not of plant origin. It is a metabolite of the soy isoflavone daidzein. (S)-equol thus is characterized as an isoflavan.In contrast, R-equol is not made in humans, but can be chemically synthesized, such as in the laboratory. The molecular and physical structure of (S)-equol is similar to that of the hormone estradiol.




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