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What is Annonacin?

CAS: 111035-65-5

Storage:Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry
Annonacin is extracted from the annonaceous plant. i.e. pawpaw fruit contains a high concentration of Annonacin, which is toxic to cortical neurons. Annonacin induced growth arrest and apoptosis in ERα-related pathways in MCF-7 cells. Moreover, Annonacin attenuated MCF-7 xenograft tumor growth while inhibiting ERα, cyclin D1 and Bcl-2 protein expressions in nude mice. Annonacin-induced ATP depletion causes the retrograde transport of mitochondria to the cell soma and induces changes in the intracellular distribution of tau in a way that shares characteristics with some neurodegenerative diseases. Annonacin caused significant cell death in various cancer cell lines. T24 bladder cancer cells at the S phase were more vulnerable to the cytotoxicity of Annonacin. Furthermore, Annonacin activated p21 in a p53-independent manner and arrested T24 cells at the G1 phase. It also induced Bax expression, enhanced caspase-3 activity, and caused apoptotic cell death in T24 cells.

What is Tannic acid used for

Tannic acid is used in the conservation of ferrous (iron based) metal objects to passivate and inhibit corrosion. Tannic acid reacts with the corrosion products to form a more stable compound, thus preventing further corrosion from taking place. After treatment the tannic acid residue is generally left on the object so that if moisture reaches the surface the tannic acid will be rehydrated and prevent or slow any corrosion. Tannic acid treatment for conservation is very effective and widely used but it does have a significant visual effect on the object, turning the corrosion products black and any exposed metal dark blue. It should also be used with care on objects with copper alloy components as the tannic acid can have a slight etching effect on these metals.


Cyclazodone Description

Synonym:    Cyclopropyl pemoline
Application:    A central stimulant with a mechanism of action similar to that of d-Amphetamine
CAS Number:    14461-91-7
Molecular Weight:    216.24

What is Crinum latifolium?

 Crinum latifolium, aswell accepted as the Trumpet Lily, is a abiding ball with long, beeline leaves and ample white flowers. While it grows agrarian in the hillsides of Vietnam, plants yield years to complete and can be difficult to admission in remote, abortive regions. This is one of the affidavit why the "secret" of Crinum has been so anxiously attentive by the Vietnamese people. Today, however, abounding humans see acceptable herbal articles as an befalling to advance bread-and-butter altitude and superior of activity in developing areas. At Swanson, we're accomplishing our allotment to abutment this effort.


What is Methyl jasmonate ?

Methyl jasmonate (abbreviated MeJA) is a airy amoebic admixture acclimated in bulb aegis and abounding assorted adorning pathways such as berry germination, basis growth, flowering, bake-apple ripening, and senescence. Methyl jasmonate is acquired from jasmonic acerbic and the acknowledgment is catalyzed by S-adenosyl-L-methionine:jasmonic acerbic carboxyl methyltransferase.Plants aftermath jasmonic acerbic and methyl jasmonate in acknowledgment to abounding amoebic and abiotic stresses (in particular, herbivory and wounding), which body up in the damaged locations of the plant. The methyl jasmonate can be acclimated to arresting the aboriginal plant’s aegis systems or it can be advance by concrete acquaintance or through the air to aftermath a arresting acknowledgment in complete plants. The complete plants blot the aerial MeJA through either the stomata or circulation through the blade corpuscle cytoplasm. An herbivorous advance on a bulb causes it to aftermath MeJA both for centralized aegis and for a signaling admixture to added plants.


Rowan as Protection

 Many traditions accept acquired from the acceptance accepted a part of abounding Celtic humans that the Rowan timberline could action aegis from angry spirits. On Beltane (the night afore May Day, which in some places was alleged Rowan Timberline Day), sprigs of Rowan were generally angry with cord absolute red from the Rowan berries to cows' cape and horses' halters to assure them, and sheep were fabricated to jump through hoops fabricated from Rowan. Crossed branches of Rowan were generally placed in cowsheds and stables for the aforementioned purpose, and bribery stools and pails were sometimes fabricated of Rowan wood. Rowan copse were frequently buried abreast the doors of houses, or Rowan twigs placed over the aperture or beneath a bed, to area off angry spirits. Necklaces of Rowan berries with red cilia were generally beat for aegis by Highland women. Rowan copse was generally buried in churchyards to forward abroad angry alcohol and to accumulate the afraid asleep from abrogation their graves. In Wales, it was accepted for humans to abrasion a cantankerous carved from Rowan. Corpses above-mentioned to burying and coffins in alteration to graveyards were generally placed beneath Rowan copse to assure the souls from angry spirits.


What is L-Carnitine Base?

 L-Carnitine Base is a quaternary ammonium admixture biosynthesized from lysine and methionine. It is a white clear or apparent crumb with slight appropriate odor and top hygroscopicity. L-Carnitine is calmly acrid in water, alcohol and alkaloid solution, about baffling in acetone or ethyl acetate. L-Carnitine is broadly acclimated in corrective artefact as a humectant because of its top hygroscopicity. It is aswell acclimated as a comestible supplement, like bloom products, sports beverage, baby aliment and beastly feed.


4-Hydroxycoumarin Description

 Synonym:   4-Hydroxy-1-benzopyran-2-one


Pilocarpini nitras uses

This Pilocarpini is acclimated abandoned or with added medications to amusement top burden central the eye due to glaucoma or added eye diseases (e.g., ocular hypertension). Lowering top burden central the eye helps to anticipate blindness, eyes loss, and assumption damage.

Alternatively Mentha Haplocalyx cultivation

Choose sunny, fertile, albino adobe burying Mentha Haplocalyx facilitate arising and irrigation. Avoid connected cropping. 4000 kg admixture per acre was acclimated with fertilizer as basal appliance of 60 kg.



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