In the past few years, vegetable protein has been an important trend in the food and beverage industry, including soy protein, rice protein (brown rice protein), mung bean protein and other plant-based proteins. Recently, the reputation of pea protei

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Depression is a huge problem in modern society, not only because it plagues patients and those around them, but also because it is difficult to get safe and effective treatment. However, a study published in the journal Chinese herbal medicine sugges

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Ginkgo biloba is a genus of the Quaternary glacial period of the Cenozoic. It has existed for 150 million years on earth, and the longest life span of any plant . Since the German scientists discovered medicinal ingredients in Ginkgo biloba containin

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1. What is lutein ? Lutein, a kind of carotenoid, is an important substance that constitutes macular pigment. Lack of lutein can greatly increase the risk of macular degeneration and can easily lead to a variety of other eye diseases and eye dysplasi

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In the process of product sales, weight loss products are one of the most frequently consulted products. Botanical extracts are sought after by obese people who are on a diet but worry about a rebound due to their clear quality standards, high nutrit

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Trehalose is widely available in many edible plants, animals and microorganisms in nature, such as mushrooms, seaweed, beans, shrimp, bread, beer and yeast fermentative food consumed in daily life. The internationally authoritative Nature magazine pu

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