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Overseas Market of Creatine

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Foreign countries have a long history of research and development of creatine, and the products are developing rapidly and have many varieties.
Foreign creatine companies have a complete production, sales and after-sales service system, and have a long-term development strategy. They have the mechanism to exert the company's internal technical strength, and they have a good operating system. These systems make full use of their domestic colleges and universities, even foreign human resources, collaborative research on new processes, development of new products, exploration of new routes, production and technologyn innovation.
In addition, there are government-funded and industry-wide joint research development plans, which indicate that foreign creatine enterprises have formed a complete production, research and innovation large-scale complex.
Foreign creatine companies are doing everything possible to rationalize production and strive to reduce costs. For example, seize the key factors that affect product quality and cost to improve competitiveness. They regard technological innovation and the development of products with independent intellectual property rights as an important factor for sustainable development and competitiveness,and are investing heavily in research and development.
2.Market overview of major Asian countries
In recent years, the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) has become relatively fast, becoming the focus of global economic development, and with the transfer of some industries from Europe and the United States to the region, the consumption of creatine products has increased significantly. Its consumption growth rate is much higher than that of Europe and the United States, reaching 7%-9%, which has become the driving force for the rapid development of the global creatine industry. The production ability and production capacity of the major creatine producing countries in Asia have increased significantly over the past five years. It is expected that with the sustained and rapid development of these countries' economies and the improvement of technological level, the demand for creatine will increase significantly in the future, which will continue to promote the healthy development of the global creatine industry.
Japan started early in the field of creatine. With the advanced technical strength of Japan, creatine has made great progress, and its products are mostly exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Japan used to be one of the biggest producers of creatine. Japan's role in the sector remains important, but employment has fallen as a result of falling domestic demand and high labour costs. Many of the companies are moving to countries with low labor costs, such as China and Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
3.Market overview of major European countries
The European region is the first region to use creatine, with a wide variety. Now developed countries in Europe have developed a complete creatine manufacturing system. Most of the creatine companies in Europe have formed a pattern of ultra-large-scale, multinational operations. Western European creatine consumption is mainly concentrated in Germany, Britain, France and other countries, with an average annual growth rate of 3%-5%. In recent years, the output of several large companies in Europe has also increased year by year, and the absolute amount and consumption ratio will be higher than the United States in the future.
European market demand is stable, focus on product quality, and relatively loyal, European market features include :
●Stable demand,, pay more attention to product quality
●Fierce competition
●Each country is small and many with its own market characteristics.
Europe's big firms have also been increasing output in recent years, and will be bigger in absolute terms and consumption ratio than America's.
However, most of the creatine companies in Europe are currently facing huge competitive pressures, falling behind internationally low-cost competitors, especially those from Asia,which cause them actively using high technology to gain a larger share in the high-end sector.
4.Market overview of major countries in Americas
The North American market is currently the largest and most mature creatine region, mainly concentrated in the US market. Like other industries, the US market is always in a market with huge demand, intense price competition and low customer loyalty. The native American muscle acid giant dominates the market, making it difficult for latecomers to look back. Of course, in recent years, with the entry of Asian creatine products, the price competition has become more and more powerful, resulting in all big brands pulling down prices. In order to occupy more market share, many large companies adopt horizontal acquisitions to expand sales channels at a high speed.
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the economy of developed countries and regions led by the United States has significantly slowed down after nearly 10 years of rapid growth. The consumption growth rate of creatine products has also decreased, but it is still higher than the average growth rate of the economy.

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