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Research on market prospect of CaHMB in China based on Japanese market.

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Through the current situation of the Japanese consumer market of CaHMB (β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate), we can see the next China’s market prospects of CaHMB.
In fact, the big health industry has never lacked opportunities. The key is to grasp the trend of market development and consumer demand. CaHMB is a new food ingredient that is rapidly emerging in the Japanese market.
As we all know, CaHMB originated in the United States, and there are a large number of loyal users in sports nutrition and special medical products. In the past two years, the products containing CaHMB have grown faster in the Japanese market than in the traditional demand markets such as Europe and the United States, and are even in short supply. The main reason is that Japanese brands break through the rules and use them,CaHMB, in a large number of common foods and healthy foods, and gained good market feedback. Let’s take a look at the situation of HMB in the Japanese market.
In Japan: CaHMB is a healthy food ingredient
In Japan, CaHMB is a popular consumer product in the minds of mass consumers,a healthy food. A common food that can be purchased without special people or special channels.
On the website, one of Japan's largest health shopping platforms, the products containing CaHMB are included in nearly 260 categories, covering sports and fitness nutrition, fat-reducing and shaping, joint health, middle-aged and muscular health, as well as beauty oral medicine. In 2016, Japan's CaHMB raw materials consumed nearly 50 tons, and it is expected to reach 500 tons in 2017. The demand growth is quite amazing.
HMB products that are popular in the Japanese market
In Japan, CaHMB is a raw material that is allowed to be added to foods by regulations. It can be added to common foods, sports nutrition foods, diet foods, beauty foods, etc. It can also be used as functional ingredients in capsules and tablets,dietary supplements such as solid beverages. For manufacturers and pharmacies, CaHMB is one of the most popular health ingredients on the Japanese market.
Abound®, a solid beverage developed by Abbott (Japan), adds 1.5g of CaHMB, which accelerates wound healing and is suitable for burn wounded patients, diabetic patients, postoperative wound restorers, and tumor patients with muscle mass loss; Super Medalist® granules produced by アリストAC, Japan, are many sports nutrition supplements based on CaHMB.
The "star product" in sports nutrition supplements contains 500mg of CaHMB per bag. It is a muscle health product for professional athletes. It focuses on "improving sports performance and promoting recovery after exercise", stressing the inhibition of muscle protein after high-intensity training. Decomposition, promote muscle protein synthesis, enhance exercise endurance and other effects; and the "歩むチカラ" product launched by LION is a pursuit of "strength to bring muscles", which combines CaHMB with glucosamine and vitamin D. While maintaining joint health, increase muscle mass and further stabilize and protect joints.
Abound®: promotes wound healing
Super Medalist®: Improves athletic performance and promotes recovery after exercise
歩むチカラ: Adding strength to your legs
The Flowage® beauty oral liquid series developed by the famous Japanese cosmetic product manufacturer fracora adds 24mg of CaHMB per bottle. The target group of this product is women who pursue the best skin condition at all ages. In addition to more than 20 kinds of beauty ingredients, CaHMB plays a key role in improving skin firmness and enhancing skin vitality.
Flowage®: Beauty and skin care, energizing the skin
In addition, in Japan, CaHMB is also widely used in slimming and shaping products. For example, a piece called HMB DIET PROGRAM.
COFFEE's slimming coffee, which adds a combination of CaHMB and BCAA, is specially launched for women to help women reduce fat while completing the shaping needs; and another Perfect Smoothie Protein meal developed by MPN has also been favored by Japanese slimming people. Apart from protein powder, this product has added 14 kinds of vegetable powder and 6 kinds of vitamin minerals, and also added CaHMB to maintain lean body mass during the weight loss process and achieve healthy weight loss.
Female weight loss shaped coffee
Perfect Smoothie Protein:
Weight loss meal replacement powder
CaHMB has been proven as a healthy ingredient that can increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle protein breakdown, improve exercise endurance and post-exercise recovery, scientifically prevent muscle decay syndrome, and achieve effective fat-reducing shaping, which bring huge business opportunities for the global market,especially for the Japanese market.
How to view China's CAHMB consumer market?
Industry insiders who have been following the Japanese market for a long time admit that Japanese companies have achieved a certain height in product research and development and technological breakthroughs in the face of consumer demand. Take CaHMB products for example, the category is constantly improving and enriching. Secondly, the target population is more segmented and accurate, and the development enterprises aim at the groups including middle-aged and elderly people, professional sports people, sports enthusiasts,weight-loss shaping people and beauty lovers.
Compared with the Japanese market, the Chinese market CaHMB develops late, the regulatory obstacles just cleared. The data showed that the demand for CaHMB raw materials in China was only 2 tons in 2016, but it reached about 20 tons in 2017. It is estimated that the market demand will exceed 1,000 tons in 2025.
Of course, CaHMB's success in the Japanese market will continue to motivate domestic brands to develop related products. Since 2015, domestic enterprises have also launched HMB products, such as the lishikang high-energy solid drink launched by xi 'an libang. Shanghai fosun's special line products; Previously, due to the limited use of new food materials, the products were concentrated in sports nutrition food and special food sold in hospital channels. After the application expansion of techsource group in 2017, CaHMB can be used in almost all common food dosage forms. This undoubtedly brings unprecedented historic opportunity to many food and health product research and development enterprises
CaHMB products have achieved rapid development in the Japanese market. The Chinese market is gradually entering an aging society. The awareness of exercise and fitness is undergoing profound changes, the reduction of traditional medical expenses and the rise of rehabilitation treatment, coupled with women's demand of health-reducing fat reduction. All these have become a driving force for the development of the HMB market. The potential consumer group in China is 15 times that of the Japanese market. With the improvement of the health awareness,the understanding of muscle health , and the application regulations of CaHMB. Health products developed with CaHMB ingredients as core ingredients will usher in a good development trend.

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