Rhizoma paridis extract

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Rhizoma paridis extract

[ Products Name ]       Rhizoma Paridis Extract

[ Specification ]                 1 grade

[ Detection method]           HPLC

[ Botanical Name ]              Paris polyphylla Smith var.yunnanensis

[ Origin ] 

  Rhizoma Paridis Extract is the dried rhizome of Paris polyphylla Smith var. yunnanensis (Franch.) Hand-Mazz. or Paris polyphylla Smith var. chinensis (Franch.) Hara (Fam. Liliaceae).

[ Characteristic ] 

 Bitter and cold, acts in liver [Use] To remove heat, counteract toxicity, cause the subsidence of swelling and alleviate pain, and to relieve convulsions.

[ Medical Function ]

  1.antibiotic effect: strong inhibition of the virus of Asian influenza A, Also can inhibit Shigella dysenteriae , Salmonella paratyphi, Salmonellosis, Salmonella subgenus III, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Hemolytic streptococcus, meningococcus etc.
  3.alkaloids A, B, C, D of hua chong lou possess anti-inflammation and arrest bleeding effect
  4.pariphyllin causes the free movements of mice to decrease. It has the same effect of pentobarbital sodium. It also has pain inhibiting effect
  5.the decoction of the rhizoma of qi ye yi zhi hua (Paris polyphylla Simth var. chinensis (Franch.) Hara) showed that it can  inhibit the cough of laboratory mice.
  6.the decoction of chong lou showed that it can pacify the asthma of guinea pigs.
  7.the decoction of chong lou when being used in the stomach irrigation of rats, it lowered the amount of vitamin C of the adrenal glans. It enhanced the the function of adrenal system; but the influence of the thymus of young rats is not obvious.
  8.the saponin of this herb can cause the constriction of the smooth muscle of the blood vessels of the invitro ears of rabbits.
  9.the decoction and saponin of this herb can stimulate the invitro colon of guinea pigs. Both of this have hemolytic effect.
  10.obvious inhibiting effect on sperms of human and rats. Application in the vagina of rabbits inhibit conceiving.
  11.anti cancer effect: inhibits the tumor 180 and 37 of mice. The inhibiting rate is 40 to 50 %. the saponin of Yunnan chong lou inhibits tumor S27 of mice. This herb also inhibits the viurs of RNA cancerous tumor. The extract of methyl alcohol of this herb is stronger than its water extract.
  12.this herb possesses a very strong toxicity toward the cells of L-929. Its methyl alcohol extract is stronger than its water extract.

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