Rhizoma Cibotii Extract

Rhizoma Cibotii Extract

Latin name: Cibotium barometz(L.)J.Sm 
Appearance:Tan powder 
Part Used:Root 
Product Specification: 4:1, 5:1,10:1,20:1
Extract Method: Water/Alcohol 
1. To tonify liver and kidneys;
2. To strengthen bones and tendons; 
3. To expel wind and dampness 
1).As pharmaceutical raw materials
2).Health care products.
3).Food and beverage industry.
Description About Rhizoma Cibotii Extract:
Rhizoma Cibotii Extract has the function of expelling wind-damp, nourishing liver and kiney,strong waist and knee.Rhizoma Cibotii Extract can treat of  remedy for sore back, gonyalgia and flaccidity of lower limbs.

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